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Chad the Robot

A custom costume turned art installation

Meet Chad the Robot, a costume designed and built by Gena Renaud for the WebVisions conference. Chad is made almost entirely of recycled materials – see if you can spot the plastic bins, basketballs, stainless steel bowls, a tea caddy, bicycle inner tubes and last, but certainly not least, the double cassette tape deck with spinning disco light.

Gena Renaud is a Portland designer who also makes delicious Asian-inspired confections – see her artistry at Rebecca Celsi and the crew at Hot Pepper Studios designed the fabulous window display.

Come by our offices at 1988 SE Ladd Avenue in Portland, Oregon to say hello to Chad. He’s very photogenic.

Gena Renaud
Rebecca Celsi

Art Installation

Planning and strategy, environmental design, creative direction, fabrication


I am a mashup! My head is a bucket! My arms are duct work!